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Special Focus|| PawanKalyan -Politics : What's Next?

The last few days, the internet is buzzing with stories that Pawan Kalyan is entering politics. Some rumors even specifically mention that he is going to join the Telugu Desham Party. Pawan's TDP move was reportedly the main point of discussion when he met with media baron and TDP sympathizer Ramoji Rao recently.

Pawan Kalyan was one of the very active members in the short-lived PRP. Some reports even claim that Pawan was unhappy with Chiru merging the party with the Congress. This move will be a master-stroke for CBN if it eventually. TDP supporters and Nandamuri family sympathizers have been putting up huge posters supporting Pawan during the release of AD.

Another indicator of this move is the recent Sakshi article. Sakshi is YS Jagan's 'Pillow Media'. They have no values of journalism and their entire efforts usually focus on smearing mud on their opponents. Pawan Kalyan's supposed political entry might have triggered their defense systems. This may have been the reason behind Sakshi's recent news item that questioned 'Pawanism' as a whole. Meanwhile, Pawan fans and TDP supporters everywhere are very confused. It is time one of them comes out and officially makes a statement to clarify this. 

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