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Ramayya Vastavayya: Censor Review

NTR's 'Ramayya Vastavayya' is slated for an October 11th release. The film has even completed the censor work already. The RV team did vie for a 'U/A' rating at first but accepted an 'A' rating as they were not ready to accept the scene cuts suggested by the board.

Censor Report :

CBFC Rating : A
Run time: 2 hours 31 minutes
Verdict: Simhadri is back again

Movie off the screen :

Director Harish Shankar's latest directorial venture, Ramayya Vastavayya has a lot riding on it. Harish Shankar's previous film Gabbar Singh was a smash hit and a genuine blockbuster. This puts a lot of pressure on the director to follow up his success. Responding on Tarak for an interview, Harish Shankar revealed that he has portrayed Tarak in the way his fans would want to see him.

Movie Plot :

The plot of the movie is pretty simple from what we hear. The film appears to revenge drama. NTR joins Samantha's college and tries every which way to get close to her. As Samantha too starts to fall for our ruggedly handsome hero, it is revealed that NTR has a hidden motive in getting close to Sam. Revealing his motive he traps Samantha for a reason.What is the hidden reason behind NTR?  How NTR took his Revenge is the plot of this movie.

Shining Factors:

   1) No need of special mention NTR's action, dialogues and dances are always the big attraction to his movies. He came up with one man show this time without any comedians and supporting characters by performing all kind of emotions on screen.
   2) Sruthi Hassan will definitely surpass Samantha on screen. Her presence and role is short and sweet. Samanth is cute.
   3) Ajay plays a crucial role where his character leads to twist in the flick.
   4) Bommali Ravi Shankar, Rao Ramesh, Mukesh Rushi came up with good performances.

   Expected Result :  Hit 

Come October 11th, audiences will be queuing up outside theater's for RV. Given NTR's huge mass appeal, Ramayya Vastavayya is all set to see a grand opening.


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