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Prabhas heroine facing the casting-couch.

People always ask why there are not that many Telugu-born heroines nowadays. Most of the heroines we have nowadays are imports from other industry's or countries. Telugu-born girls and their parents are reluctant because they fear exploitation. This may also be the reason that the Telugu film industry is still a male-oriented industry.

Many top actresses have candidly admitted in some interviews that they too have faced exploitation. Most actresses are more than reluctant to speak out about this issue. However, starlet Sanjana who we all saw in films like Bujjigadu and Satyameva Jayate, has dared to lash out.

Sanjana has been absent from the screens for a while. Siva Kesava her latest movie is now the cause of a storm. Sanjana has alleged that the producer of her movie, B. Nagaraj, is sexually and mentally tormenting her. Sanjana has elaborated on this issue and commented that the whole industry is like this and not just one person. Even her close friends have revealed the amount of suffering she's had to go through because of this.

This is the same industry where stalwarts like Dr. Ramanaidu and Dr. Dasari Narayana Rao have introduced so many new actresses. If these few cancerous persons are not controlled, then Telugu industry will slowly have no more Telugu actresses left. 

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