Thursday, 17 October 2013

Harish Shankar's frustation crosses boundaries.

Director Harish Shankar has been evading most people after his latest flick Ramayya Vastavayya starring Junior NTR performed below par at the Box-Office. The movie opened to huge expectations but could not live up to the hype created pre-release.

Harish Shankar is extremely active on social media and constantly updates his followers with the latest tweets. However, one fan went too far. A fan who was irked that Harish Shankar was overly praising NTR on Twitter, commented that RV would have turned out a lot better if he (Harish Shankar) focused on the second half of the movie rather than his tweets.

This seemingly innocent tweet seems to have touched a nerve with the director who lashed out at the fan in question. Hitting someone when he is already down is not decent. And this fan seems to have done just that. However, that does not mean we can condone Harish Shankar lashing out at this person. A man of his position should be a lot more careful when interacting with the audiences. Let us hope he would do so in the future. 

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