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Evergreen hero ANR is battling cancer

ANR, the King of hearts. The forefather of romance in Telugu Cinema. In his long and fruitful career of 75+ years, ANR has seen many ups and downs. He has battled each and every one of them and emerged the victor each time. This time, the youngster of just 90 years, is battling deadly cancer.

Akkineni Nageshwara Rao Garu, the Grand Sire of Telugu Cinema, called a press meet and announced his condition. Post a severe stomach ache, he was diagnosed with Cancer. He also mentioned that the purpose of this press meet was to clarify his health condition himself and not have any media speculate on it and create unwanted rumors. ANR Garu further said that he had no complaints with life and had lived it to its fullest.

ANR in his cinematic Journey has seen generations of actors come and go. His zeal and energy is just as strong as the day when he had first applied make-up. The entire industry is in shock over this news and are praying for the speedy recovery of the legendary Thespian. ANR still has a lot to give to Cinema and it is our sincere prayer that he continues to inspire one and all for many years to come.

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