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Doosukeltha Movie Review.

Title: Dhoosukeltha
Cast: Manchu Vishnu,Lavanya Tripati, Brahmanandham.
Music: Manisharma
Director: Veeru Potla
Type: Straight
Genre: Family entertainer

Doosukeltha off the screen :

Carrying  his hit sentiment with letter ‘D’ in his title, Manchu Vishnu is back with Dhoosukeltha after his successful venture Dhenikaina Ready. Bindaas  fame Veeru Potla wielded mega phone for this family entertainer. Lavanya Tripati is the female lead.

Doosukeltha on the screen :

Chinna (Vishnu) is careless guy who applies for a job in TV 2.5 channel. His boss (Posani) orders him to bring the evidence of corrupted politician Delheswara Rao which turns the first mission for Chinna. Delheswara Rao comes to know about Chinna’s video evidence and tries to catch him. Meanwhile,  Chinna falls in love with doctor Alekhya (Lavanya) who  rescues Chinna in an accident. The story turns a twist when Chinna comes to know that Alekhya was chased by the same politician who was trying to kill her. Why did Delheswara Rao tries to kill Alekhya? What is the relation between them? How did Chinna over came these problems and saved Alekhya? Find these answers on screen.

Analysis :

With the failure of his second venture Ragada, Veeru Potla is back with his family drama formula and scored success again. The treatment of the story is good but casting should have been more selective. Doosukeltha success lies on strong story and its treatment. Efficient entertainment is added in it gaps and made audience to feel some relief. Veeru Potla showed his mark with energetic picturization of Brahmi’s character. He stood as one more pillar in the movie’s success. Background music is good but songs failed to entertain audience.

Actor’s Progress Report:
  • Vishnu is okay. His sixpack  look is too bad. Better he should take some care about his glamour as he is the hero from a big family. His hair style is the main drawback. He need to improve in expressions and dances.
  • Lavanya Tripati is good. She did a fine job. Her expressions and dances are quite convincing.
  • Brahmanandham is excellent with his comedy timing. Master Bharath,Raghu babu, Vennela Kishore brought some laughs with their humor timing. Kota Sreenivas Rao  and Rao Ramesh done a fabulous job.
Plus Points:
  1. Entertainment
  2. Story and Screenplay
Minus Points:
  1. Songs
  2. Routine climax
Box-office :

With the lack of competition with new movies at box-office for few days, Doosukeltha can drag family audience to theaters.  It would be much better if the movie was released before the festival as family audience rushes to theaters  for some entertainment.

Final Word :

Doosukeltha is a time pass movie.  Opt for it if you need some time for cool entertainment with your family.

Verdict:  Hit

Punch Line:  Veeru Potla wins again.

Rating:  3.25/5

Review by Sundeep Yadav

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