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Atharintiki Daredhi collections plunging!!

Attharintiki Daaredhi is having a very successful run at the box-office. The collections records are just tumbling, one after the other. However, this trend may not continue for longer. The reverse current of the political agitations is going to be felt on the movie industry even now. The 10-day long holiday stretch that is usually given for the Dussera festival season has been suspended. Many schools and colleges have decided to suspend Dussera holidays due to the 7-day bandh situation during the Samaikhyandhra agitations.

The syllabus is still waiting to be completed, hence the educational institutions have taken this step. Also, engineering colleges are getting a delayed start due to the delay in EAMCET counselling. They too plan to cancel Dussera holidays. This holiday suspension will affect the film industry adversely. Family audiences coming to the theaters will reduce drastically. This effect is already shown on Attharintiki Daaredhi, and may even show on NTR's Ramayya Vastavayya, releasing on the 10th of October.

Moreover, the central cabinet finally confirmed the T-formation.Severe agitations were going on in Seemandhra where as celebrations were carrying out on T-pitch. So, the movie will severely face problems as the theaters will be closed in accordance to bifurcation. 

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