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Zanjeer Movie Review

Mega Power Star Ram Charan  is all geared up for his big Bollywood debut. Zanjeer is simultaneously releasing as Toofan across AP. Mega fans will be very pleased to know that Ram Charan is following in the footsteps of his legendary father. Megastar Chiranjeevi too made his Bollywood debut sometime back. Rajasekhar’s super hit film Ankusham was made into Hindi as Pratibandh. Chiranjeevi began his short stint in Bollywood with that movie. The movie had been a huge success of that time.

Cherry too now follows in his father’s footsteps. Zanjeer, is a remake or rather, a tribute, to Amitabh Bacchan’s classic of the same name. The movie is receiving a great amount of praise from all quarters. Ram Charan has arrived in Bollywood.  Zanjeer is making all the right noises and is on its way to being another Blockbuster of the kind Ram Charan is used to. This would also mean that Thoofan by default would be a bigger hit than Zanjeer itself.

ACP Vijay Khanna is a hard hitting honest cop who feels trapped by the bonds of responsibility. Trapped by his devotion to duty he tries to break through his shackles to engage with the Oil Mafia. Prakash Raj plays the unconventional baddie retaining much of the original bad-guy motif of Ajith. How Vijay took reveng on the killers of his parents with the help of Sher Khan is the brief plot of the flick.

The film is not a remake as such but a tribute to the original, as director Apoorva Lakhia and others have stated on countless occasions.
Much of the thrill and romance of the original has been preserved. However, the writers have not really managed to work the magic like in the original. The corny one-liners may have worked in the 70’s but the dialogue really needed to be updated to suit the modern audience. The original revenge plot is still much the same.

Ram Charan has reportedly given a highlight performance in this movie. He is drawing in boundless praise from all who have seen it. Ram Charan has a very bright future in the Hindi industry. The Twitterati are buzzing hard about Ram Charan’s capabilities. Finally, he made a dashing debut in Bollywood.

That is all for the corner report. A full scale review will be put up tomorrow post the release of the movie. Do check back this space and find out how much the movie rates, to us, the Telugu audience, before you watch. 

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