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Star director brother turns hero!!

Dileepan- The name doesn’t ring any bells. His face too is not a very familiar one. However, we are all familiar with the exploits of his sibling AR Murugadoss. Yes, ace director Murugadoss’ brother Dileepan is making his foray into the craft of acting. The fresh entrant is being through all the hoops demanded of a newcomer by Tamil Cinema. A non-glamour role? Check. Content oriented movie? Check. Heavy expectation? Check.

Taking the stage after Murugadoss is no mean feat and a ton of expectations falls on this youngster. Murugadoss productions’ latest offering Aggipulla (titled 'Vatthikutchi' in tamil) in association with Fox Star Studio’s, stars his brother Dileepan in the lead role. The movie is the second offering from the talented that brought us the hit movie ‘Journey’. Dileepan’s debut movie is a follow-up production to Journey, that is surely some heavy weight on his shoulders.

'Aggipulla' too is a movie that follows an extraordinary script and a very tight screenplay. This movie made waves in Tamil Nadu and has Dileepan many accolades for his near accurate portrayal of the lead character. The movie was also very successful in capturing the unnoticed little crimes that take place everyday around us in this society. Dileepan also manages to achieve a great chemistry with Anjali and their romantic sequences stand out as highlight points in the movie. The music by Gibhran is also another highlight. The beautiful tunes never really leave your head.

Dileepan’s debut movie is gearing up to make waves in the Telugu Film industry too. More news on that coming up in this space, follow us to know more. 

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