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Telugu Cyber World in uproar over AD piracy issue

Sad day for Telugu Cinema

Telugu Cinema has not yet fully recovered from the big losses caused by the political agitations raging the state. Many film film producers are incurring huge losses due to the delay in releasing their films. Now, piling on the misery on such producer is the Online Piracy menace.

Producer BVSN Prasad is barely able to hold his financiers at bay due to the delay of his film "Attharintiki Daaredhi". Now some miscreants have gone and posted the first half of the yet-to-be-released movie online. The whole cyber network has risen in support of AD condemning this blatant theft. Right from this morning celebs and citizens alike have been tweeting and posting on Facebook condemning the piracy of movies. NTR, Ram Charan, Samantha, SS Rajamouli and Manchu Manoj have been very proactive in letting their fans know of this situation immediately and have even requested their fans to report any such activity. Pawan Kalyan fans meanwhile are unmoved and are very confident that the movie will do well despite such a major setback.

In a press statement just now, Producer BVSN Prasad and the AD team have clarified that immediate action had been initiated with regards to this mishap and the cyber crime department has been duly notified. The press release finished with a warning from the producer that such acts will not be condoned and any parties found in possession of the illegal download and/or distributing the illegal copies of the movie will be punished severely. This incident also asks us all a question. How safe is Digital technology really? With master copies of the movie present with many partners including the satellite partners, censor board and other such related parties, the chances of the movie to get leaked are very high. As loyal fans of Telugu cinema we must condemn such practices and resolve to watch movies only in the theatres.

What are your views on this subject? Feel free to comment below. 

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