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Pawan and Mahesh are equal for Trivikram!

The Wizard of Words, Trivikram Srinivas, is a gem of the Telugu Film Industry. Trivikram’s movies always attract audiences from all sections of our society. His words are magic that has a hidden meaning and a few more inner implications. No dialogue is written lightly and this depth of thought is his major forte.

Another thing Trivikram is known for his devotion that was apparent in his defense of his under-performer ‘Khaleja’. Another interesting observation is that Trivikram worships his heroes and elevates them to an almost godlike status. This is always apparent from a certain song. Khaleja had the smash hit song Sada Siva. This song won its lyricist and singer various awards. The song glorifies lord Shiva and portrays Mahesh as the symbol of hope or Shiva for the villagers in the subject.

The recently released track from  Aaradugula Bullettu from Attharintiki Daaredhi, starring Pawan Kalyan in the lead role also had similar lyrics. A few lines proclaimed adjectives to the lead actor Pawan Kalyan that were synonymous with Shiva. He just portrayed the heroes Pawan and Mahesh in equal manner considering his comparison with Lord Shiva.  Trivikram’s devotion towards his films is really heartening to watch. Attharintiki Daaredhi  has already enjoyed a successful run on the musical charts; let’s hope that this translates to Box office success as well. 

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