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Rajinikanth arrives with style

Style is there, but what about substance?

Move over kids, Rajini is here. We finally got to see the first teaser of Vikramsimha/Kochadaiiyaan. India's first complete 3D motion capture film. This is Rajini mania meets James Cameroon. For the first time the film will also be released in Italian and Spanish apart from the usual Indian languages. Kochadaiiyaan is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Directed by Rajinikanth's younger daughter, Soundarya Ashwin, Kochadaiiyaan is one major piece of art.

 The recently released teaser's stats we hear are going absolutely crazy. Registering over 3 Lakh hits in a day with about 8000 likes, Kochadaiiyaan definitely has the approval of the netizens.However, amidst all this are certain detractors who feel that the movies animation is not up to the mark.The teaser hardly gave away anything about the movie, but the anti-comment's have been very quick in coming. 

One thing we must not forget, this is Rajinikanth. This is a man who can turn a mediocre movie into a blockbuster just by having a song dedicated to him. Fans are going totally wild just to see him walk with his usual nonchalance. Let us not forget that Kochadaiiyaan's budget is modest when you pitch it against Avatar. It is not an even comparison in any manner of speaking. To be fair, we are more concerned about the subject they are going to be presenting more than the technology. 

A 30 second teaser never tells the full story about the movie. It would be better if people try to reserve judgement until the movie arrives. The movie is being produced prestigiously and being directed by Rajinikanth's daughter under the guidance of KS Ravikumar. Give her some credit, she will spin a surefire blockbuster.

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