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Manam movie story outline.

It's a topsy turvy world

We all have heard of the Akkineni family mulitstarrer, where three generations of Akkineni will be acting in the same movie. Excitement has been very high regarding this project. This will probably be the only time 3 generations of a filmy family will appear together on the Telugu screen. This project is being directed by Vikram Kumar who previously gave us the smash hit 'Ishq'.

We have news from a little birdie, about the supposed story of 'Manam'. Apparently the movie is going to be a Tolly version of Steven Spielberg's super hit film series, Back To the Future. For those of you who haven't seen this series, it is a story about a young man who accidentally travels back in time and must make a run to get back to his own time. The movie was a comic hit when it came out and is also regarded as a classic. Director Vikram Kumar has proved that he is capable of handling sensible concepts like introducing a 'Time Machine'.

More gossip mongerers tell us that Nagarjuna Akkineni will be the lead actor who want to stop the disputes between his parents (Chaithu and Samantha) goes to past using th Time Machine and Chaitu will be playing the role of his father in the past, and ANR will be playing Nagurjuna's son in the future world. Lot of scope for comedy in this Topsy Turvy world of Time-Space. Keep checking this space for more updates. 

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