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Mahesh's Teaser fiasco

What is the whole story behind Mahesh's deleted teaser?
Superstar Mahesh Babu's recent birthday special teaser was removed from YouTube. YouTube cited a terms violation for this removal. Mahesh fans have been outraged over this step from YouTube and have been demanding an explanation. Outraged fans have even filed an official complaint with the cyber crime department requesting an inquiry into this matter.

Meanwhile, the internet has been buzzing wildly with many different versions of the teaser story. With the issue reaching perilous peaks, the makers of the movie have now sprung into action. The makers of the movie complained directly to YouTube and demanded that their video be restored. YouTube however, has refused to comply and stated in no mean terms that it was impossible to restore the video as it violated the YouTube terms and conditions.

It is also being said that the group behind the fake hits is a splinter cell of the Kenyan mafia. Apparently there is some illegal betting on going on movie teaser records and this led to the fake hits being generated. Another controversy almost spoils the image of the Telugu Film Industry. Let us hope Telugu movie stays away from such things in the future.

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