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Mahesh and Nag gets national fame.

Tollywood has always faced criticism for encouraging actors to perform past their prime, physically. The glam quotient of our heroes has always been quite low. The thick mustaches, poorly fitting wigs and the pot belly's are all part of our usual film experience. Many heroes tried their best to break this perception to the best of their ability. But none have been more successful at this than recently when Nagrajuna and Mahesh have earned national fame as handsome actors.

Movie database website, IMDB, released a list of 25 actors whom they consider the best looking actors to have graced the Indian screen so far. Two Telugu actors made this prestigious list. Prince Mahesh is placed at number 6, ahead of biggies like, Aravind Swamy, Amitabh Bacchan and Rajesh Khanna. Nagarjuna too is included in this list in 21st place ahead of Aamir Khan, Sashi Kapoor and Mammootty. The Telugu Film industry's increasing beauty quotient is evident with this ranking on a national level. Proud moment for Telugu film fans.

The full list of 25 best looking actors is as follows.

1. Salman Khan 
2. Dharmendra 
3. Hrithik Roshan 
4. Vinod Khanna 
5. Dev Anand 
6. Mahesh Babu 
7. Arvind Swamy 
8. Balraj Sahni 
9. Amithab Bachchan 
10. Rajesh Khanna 
11. Jackie shroff 
12. Akshay Kumar 
13. Ajith Kumar 
14. Kabeer Bedi 
15. Sanjay Dutt 
16. Arjun Rampal 
17. John Abhraham 
18. Madhavan 
19. Vikram 
20. Anil Kapoor 
21. Nagarjuna Akkineni 
22. Aamir Khan 
23. Farhan Akthar 
24. Sashi Kapoor 
25. Mammootty

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