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Life and Cinema: The unconventional journey of a Director

Our industry has always been partial to the commercial aspect of cinema. Every director who aspires to enter the field, hopes that he can make successful movies that will be forever remembered by the audiences. However, we have also known a few individuals who are in the movie craft for wholly different reasons. Non-superficial and expressive, sounds impossible? Not.

Saahith Mothkuri, one of the many new entrants to the industry has a story to tell, and he also made a movie. A humble man who is not under the wing of any godfather, is a rare occurrence in the industry these days. Years of grieving, more years of struggling and finally on the path to his dream is Saahith, who says, "Every day, I hoped to learn more and more about Life and about Cinema. But in the end I realized that both of them were just the very same thing".

Of his journey, he only has one thing to say, "To all the people who said I couldn't make it happen, and to all those people who believed that I could, I have just this to say, You encouraged me to work harder. I'm indebted for your gratitude". A director need not be just someone who materializes Cinema. A director is someone who directs and dedicates his own life for Cinema.

Saahith's upcoming movie 'Kichidi' is his first foray as a director and a dream come true for him. With a completely fresh star cast, this movie will explore the simple family values that bind us together and the deep complexity that is love. Team Strikingsoon wishes Director Saahith all the very best. 

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