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A big head ache in Tollywood.

Fans with creativity promotes more innovative manner than any other one for their hero's movie. These days if a movie title is announced regarding a big hero's movie, they start designing the posters of the movie which brings more publicity than real ones. NTR latest RV posters designed by his artistic fan is now seen in multiplexes too. But these days this creativity turns out an big headache for normal audience.
                  Its none another than the Leaked Dialogues which were framed by the fans itself and posting on social net working sites in the name of leaked dialogues irking the unit members with their B-Grade quality. Innocent fans who expect those dialogues on screen feels down with disappointment after the movie. 
                 A new pair of dialogues are making rounds regarding Mahesh's 1-Nenokkadine on social media now. Take a glance over them and leave it right now. Let us don't expect them on screen.
  • Nijam cinema lantidhi. Starting, ending anevi oka 2:30 gantalo decide ayipothayi.Kaanee, abaddam serial lantidhi. Deenamma ekkada start ayyi ekkada end avuddo evvadikee teliyadu...
  •  Manandaarikee telisina oka nijam cheppanaa! Ikkada cheekatante evvadikee bhayam Ledu. Kaanee cheekatlo emi untundo ani bhayapadatharu. Yetthu ante evadikee bhayamundadu. Kanee akkadanunchi oadipothe emi ayipothamo ani bhayapadatharu. Alage, ikkada unna chalamadhi ki premani cheppadaniki bhayam ledhu. Kaanee, cheppina tharuvatha aa prema ekkada odipothundo ani bhayapadatharu.

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