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Kiss Movie Review

Movie: Kiss
Cast: Adavi Sesh, Priya
Genre: Romance
Type: Straight
Director: Adavi Sesh
Punchline :  Nothing Great. 
Rating : 2.25/5 
Verdict : Below Average
Story :
          Priya (Priya) is the daughter of big head in San Fransisco who lives the life like a parrot in cage. She is surrounded by restrictions and rules by her father but never opposed her father in his thoughts about her life. But, vexed with the decision towards her marriage made by her father with Ravi (Bharath Reddy), she flights away from the house and decides to commit suicide.
                      She is rescued by a stranger Sunny (Sesh) who plans to get back to Hyderabad as he was fed up with the failure in creating own market at US. How this pair falls in love and escapes from her father is the rest of the story.

Analysis :
                KISS is the half baked cake that lacks taste. Except the lead actors rest of the cast in the movie failed to impress the audience. More over the dragging second half is a big head ache. Mean while few convincing scenes appears in the middle and gives some relief to audience.  Adavi Sesh should learn few more skills in direction to be successful in entertaining audience. Editing is bad, more than 20 minutes of scenes in the movie should be chopped off. Cinematography is good.

  • Adavi Sesh is handsome and gained good marks in acting.
  • Priya is pretty in bubbly character. Shafi is just okay.
  • Rest of cast in the movie were not good and properly utilized. Bharat Reddy got wasted.
Conclusion :
                   Slow paced screen play ruined the movie. Nothing great to watch.

Review by:  Sundeep Yadav
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