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Insult to Telugu industry

The 100 years of Indian cinema celebrations were held recently at Chennai. The who's of who of South India were all present for this night of gala glamour. Well, almost all. The Telugu film fraternity is mostly unhappy over the way Telugu cinema personalities have been treated. Many veteran actors and actresses did not even receive invitations for an event that was attended by some people who had hardly anything to do with our industry.

The Telugu cinema segment of the program was even interrupted by veteran filmmaker, R Narayana Murthy, who claimed that the conductance of this event was an insult to Telugu cinema. The staging of item songs just like a common 'audio launch event' seemed to have angered him. Even more infuriating was the fact that ace director K Balachander was felicitated grandly and most deservedly, for his contributions to cinema, although the same courtesy was not awarded to 'Kala Tapasvi' K Viswanath. Narayana Murthy questioned, in what way is K Viswanath Garu, in any way, inferior to Balachander.

Telugu cinema has taken this kind of insult for so many years. Even after all this time, and several contributions of Telugu Cinema towards Indian cinema as a whole, had not brought us the respect we truly deserve. 

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