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His latest teaser disappointed fans.

It is said the South Indian movie industries are a stepping stone to major nationwide success. Case in point, we have sent so many actresses to the Hindi film industry over the years. From Vyjayanthimala and Waheeda Rahman to Hema Malini and Sri Devi or more recently, Deepika Padukone, all these beautiful ladies migrated northwards from their southern roots. On rare occasion some heroes too have moved over to the Hindi Film Industry. The most popular example can be said to be that of R Madhavan.

The one common trait among all these people has been that, they took their Hindi very seriously. Actors who migrate northwards usually are scrutinized closely for the way they speak the language. However, it is quite natural for an actor to want to dub for his character himself. Dhanush and Ram Charan  are the latest Bollywood entrants from down South. Dhanush had dubbed for his own character in the film which contributed heavily to its success.

Fans of Ram Charan too expected that their favorite hero would thrill them by delivering the Hindi dialogues himself. The first trailer had a dubbed voice instead of Ram Charan's. Fans were assured that this was a technical difficulty and will be corrected. However, the latest trailer has left no doubt in anyone's mind that Ram Charan will not be dubbing for this. Dhanush and Ram Charan are in a competition of sorts. Dhanush has already managed to score a huge hit. While Ram Charan's fans have been left disappointed, he is picking up his oral skills for the future projects. Knowing his determination, he will not disappoint again.

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