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Cherry's costliest mistake.

Ram Charan , who inherited his acting from his legendary father, is now in a fix. Charan tasted great success with his second film itself. This may have resulted in a certain complacency on his part. An early success doesn't prove anything about him. His hordes of fans are also those inherited from his father. The love of his fathers fans has passed onto him in equal effect. But Cherry has to really make an effort if he has to keep their love.

Previously Orange and now Zanjeer were completely Charan's choices. Megastar studied and okayed the scripts of his other movies. Megastar is excellent at judging what the audience wants to see from their stars. This is the main reason that excellent commercial elements caused average and routine scripts like 'Racha' and 'Nayak' to become big hits. That is Megastar's judgement.

Ram Charan's many fans feel that, in the future, he must take his fathers opinion before he signs any script. Being young and inexperienced in the industry, Cherry  needs to give himself some more time and learn to judge scripts. Commercial hits does not give you the ability to judge scripts. That comes from years and years of hardwork. Megastar Chiranjeevi is the epitome of hard work. Let us hope, Charan pays more attention to script selection in the future.

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