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AD Piracy a 'publicity' stunt?

The last few days, the entire Telugu film industry was in uproar over the piracy incident where a copy of Pawan Kalyan's Attharintiki Daaredhi surfaced online. The entire industry extended their support to the producer of AD, BVSN Prasad in his efforts to curb the issue before it got out of hand. The media, audience and many celebrities too were shocked and indignant. However, as of today, certain media sources report some doubts as to the producers' claims in this regard.

Could the producer have been playing us with a publicity stunt all along? AD was supposed to release a month ago but got pushed back due to the Samaikhyandhra agitations. Now the movie is being released on the 27th instead. Could this whole issue have been a media stunt by the producers to keep AD in the news. Before you express shock over this, hear us out fully.

Producers are normally very strict about their movie. The life of the production depends on the movie being guarded well. Normally for any movie, the producers try to keep an airtight lockdown on any prints given to third-party users like satellite companies or the censor studios or even the editing studios. With all the security measures in place, they could not prevent a production assistant from copying the print? Can this print have been posted online with the producers permission?

However, the whole internet is plastered with screenshots from the movie, TV news channels have already played about 20 mins of the movie on air, in a clear violation of copyright law. Can this be possible without the producers permission? Shouldn't the TV channels be legally held responsible? Moreover, we are even getting various reports from online sources that have "already" reviewed the leaked first half of the movie. Some Facebook pages are even giving away the "ending".

This is RGV's favorite city, 'Publicity' all again. Any publicity is good publicity. But if the producers have indeed pulled such a stunt, it was absolutely useless in the first place. Pawan Kalyan's name is enough to draw people to the theatres. The Trivikram-Pawan combination is an assured hit and it is quite unimaginable as to why the producers might resort to such a needless stunt. The truth of the matter remains to be seen, but for now, let us all eagerly wait for Attharintiki Daaredhi to finally release tomorrow. StrikingSoon, at a theatre near you.

What is your opinion on the matter? Do feel free to share your feelings with us.

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