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Thank God ! Darling is safe.

The entire state is caught up in a political crusade. The politicians have divided themselves into respective regions and are battling it out to get their way. The worst-affected by this turn of events is the Telugu Film Industry. The agitations in various regions have taken curious turns. Distributors are hesitant to release the films fearing an absence of an audience. Agitators meanwhile have been boycotting hero’s left, right and center. Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan’s movies have been delayed indefinitely already. NTR’s movie is also facing the heat from the Telangana agitators.
                 However, Prabhas fans need not worry too much about the turn of events. Prabhas’ next bumper project, ‘Bahubali’ is going to be undergoing filming for a good part of the next two years. By the time Prabhas is ready to come to the front with his guaranteed Blockbuster, the heat of the agitation will have hopefully died out. We may at least hope that the agitation will stop having an impact on the Film industry by then. 

                  Darling Prabhas who is neutral in this whole scenario can continue to shoot for his movie with minimum disturbance. Let us wait for Prabhas to bring us another Blockbuster.

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