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Puri Jagannath irritating hero and producer.

Ace director Puri Jagannadh has given the Telugu audience splendid hits in the past. The unique characterization of his heroes has been well received by everyone. All heroes wanted to work with Puri once upon a time. But Mr.Puri is in deep Trouble now. A few bad investments have seen him heavily crunched up for money. The recent Mahesh Babu flick, Businessman finally saw Puri making a comeback of sorts. However, even after Businessman, Puri really doesn’t have many takers. Nitin who is the leading man in Puri’s next venture is on a big high after back-to back hits in the Nithya combination.
                 Puri used all his charm to convince Nitin for his movie that is tentatively titled Heart Attack. The movie did look to be progressing along fine. However, Puri we hear is currently missing. He has dropped all pretense of Nitin’s film and run away to Bangkok, where apparently, he is penning a new story for Mahesh Babu’s sake. This attitude of Puri is highly unprofessional and troublesome. No doubt producer and hero were vexed with his acts. Needless to say, as long as Puri’s addiction to Bangkok continues, his reputation will suffer accordingly.

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