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Prabhas to turn anonymous.


Ace director SS Rajamouli, or Jakanna, as he is popularly known, has a penchant for extraordinary detail. The dedication levels of Jakkanna are legendary. He has now come to expect the same from each of his lead actors. We are all well aware of the way in which Ram Charan went into hiding prior to the launch of  Magadheera. The look of the lead actors is very crucial to the character they are playing. Hiding the look from the audience creates heavy buzz and keeps the audience guessing till the final moment unless the firstlook is revealed.
                From the looks of it, Prabhas is also going through similar rigors while shooting for Rajamouli’s upcoming extravaganza. Young Rebel Star Prabhas has been frequenting the gyms and under guidance of his trainer, he has bulked up like a Hollywood Hulk. The team of Bahubali is consciously protecting this new look of Prabhas for the film. The fans meanwhile are at peak excitement hoping to catch glimpses of the new look Prabhas. However, that is very hard to come by as Prabhas is consciously avoiding all public events in the near future. It is only when Bahubali finishes all the schedules that we might get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Telugu Hulk, Prabhas.

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