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Happy Birthday To Megastar || Special Focus

Happy Birthday Megastar Konidela Siva Sankara Varaprasad, or as we all know him famously, Megastar Chiranjeevi turns 58 today. Chiranjeevi held the distinction of being the face of the Telugu film industry for well over two decades. Known for his captivating eyes and the gravity in dialogue delivery, Chiranjeevi had been a role model to an entire generation. Not only a great actor but also a humanitarian, Chiranjeevi will be ever cherished by his countless fans. On his Birthday let us take a moment and remember some of his great performances, performances that will forever hold down a special place in our minds. And at the same time, let us wish that he finally consents to do film  150.

 1. Khaidi:
    Khaidi was the first major box office success for Megastar. The success of the film catapulted Chiranjeevi to great heights and saw the birth of a star.
2. Rudraveena:
     A very unusual experiment, Rudraveena was a commercial and critical success. The struggle of a new generation youngster coming from an orthodox family was wonderfully portrayed. 
3. Chantabbai:
Perhaps a classic for purely for Chiranjeevi’s fantastic comic timing. This was a full-fledged comic appearance from Chiranjeevi who was until then known for his over-the-top heroic roles.
 4. Gangleader:
The film that took Chiranjeevi and along with him, the Telugu film industry to giddy heights. Gangleader holds a special place in the hearts of fans as well as the Megastar.
 5. Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari:
This fantasy film saw Chiranjeevi pairing with the then reigning queen of Indian cinema, Sri Devi. This film till date stands out as one of the best movies done by Chiranjeevi.
 6. Gharana Mogudu:
The film that changed the face of South Indian cinema. Gharana Mogudu set a new record in terms of Box office collection that paved way for the more commercial form of Telugu Cinema.
 7. Indra:
Indra managed to rewrite every one of Chiranjeevi’s personal records along with Tollywood. This is one film that can be called as a milestone film in Chiranjeevi’s career.
 8. Tagore:
Chiranjeevi is well known for his philanthropy and for his charity work. A movie with a social awareness message as an undercurrent theme was an assured success. The movie went to gather record collections.
 9. Shankar Dada MBBS:
Although a remake of the Bollywood hit Munnabhai MBBS, this film was a laugh riot that was perfectly tailored for the Telugu audience. Surely this movie holds its own among in Chiranjeevi’s best flicks.
 10. Stalin:
Another movie with very open social messages, the movie failed to perform very well at the Box office. However, Chiranjeevi’s performance and the concept that was put forward in the movie was greatly appreciated.

Youtube video links for all the 10 points above


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