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4 Music directors for one movie.

                              Yuvan Shankar Raja, the heir to an extraordinary musical inheritance handed down from the most illustrious Maestro of music, Illayaraja is now all geared up for the release of his 100 is synonymous to youthful and peppy numbers that have turned the coming of age anthems for almost a decade now. He rose to fame with the smash hit 7/G Brindavan Colony and hasn't looked back ever since. A lot of excitement was surrounding Yuvan signing Venkat Prabhu’s Biryani. 
                                 ‘Biryani’ starring Awara Karthi and the lovely Hansika is a Black Comedy Thriller in Venkat Prabhu’s peerless style. Yuvan has a long standing association with Venkat Prabhu and this is an extremely sentimental moment for both of them. However, to the joy of everyone awaiting this film, we have another big surprise. Karthi has already crooned a song for this movie. But the fun doesn’t just end there. Yuvan is sharing this big moment with some his peers. Leading music directors of the South Indian Film industry are going to lend their voice to this album.
                                 Yuvan is never one to crib for awards, having said as much in many of his tweets. Now he shows great character by getting his peers to lend their voice for his album. Kudos to the great musical camaraderie. Thaman, GV Prakash and Vijay Anthony are set to give voice to this album along with Yuvan himself. None of these talented music directors are novices when it comes to singing, but getting them to sing on the same album is a Herculean feat. Now we are surely going to be hanging onto the edge of our seat for this album.

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