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Tollywood responds to Telangana.

With the split of state into two parts. None of  the star from Tollywood dared to comment on it. But, very least number of actors came forward and tweeted their views on the formation of new state. Not at all clear that the views are from heart or not.  They just tweeted them in formal manner. Let us take glance over them.

Akkineni Nagarjuna:
We wake up to a day of mixed emotions,some happy and some sad and so many questions…everything will be alright:
Kajal Aggarwal:
Good morning all..despite of all #Hyderabad needs to re beluid ita Historic image its tolerence for all caste and creed and Unity
Whatever the decision on Telangana this evening, we pray that humanity will prevail and people will be unharmed. No more bloodshed. Please.
Actor Nani:
  1. Mana inti madhyalo goda kaduthunnarannamaata .. Sarey .. Enni chusam .. Idhi chusthu kurchundaamu.
  2. Swardam manchi ki chedu ki theda teliyanikunda chesthundi..Cheppe vayasu naku ledhu..Ayna chepthunna . Chadhuvukundham..badhyatha ga vundham
  3. Chadhuvu emi vundhi thelivithetalu mukhyam anukunna .. Kani ippudu ardhamavuthundhi .. Chaduvu leni thelivithetalu swardhanni penchuthayi
Nikhil Sidhartha:
  1. And yes it feels nice that telugu movies will now release in 2 States :-) Lets all be Happy in life and spread Love :-) "United we Stand… Divided we Fall… " Dint we learn this in School??? Maybe they should change the School Text Books… 
  2. Im a Hyderabad Boy and My ancestors r from here… and i love every single inch of my Region… But im an Indian and a Telugu boy 1st.
  3.  For ppl asking… My Mom from Hyd and Dad from Mahbubnagar… But My Heart is our Common language… Telugu
Kamal Kamaraj:
  1. some decision is made as more anger and more enemity will hinder growth at grassroots
  2.  andhra has such rich resources it will forge through. it is time for telangana politicians to workout a strategy on how they are goong to build the state than ride on sentiment.
Lakshmi Manchu:

Praying for peace and unity as we r dividing ourselves. Lets know that love is bigger than lines drawn on a map. We r citizens if the world.

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