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Singham Movie Review

Singham Movie Review

Movie : Singham (Yamudu 2)
Type : Dubbed
Genre: Action Entertainer
Verdict : Watch it for Surya
Punch Line: A Roaring Blockbuster
Rating : 3.5/5

Plot :

             Lauded as the man of masses and versatility Surya has good fan base at Kollywood as well as Tollywood. His supernatural characters in movies and magnificent expressions made him star actor in South India. After a dual failures with new scientific concepts 7th Sense and Brothers, this Nadippin Naayagan is back with the sequel of his mass entertainer Singham (Yamudu) along with his lucky director Hari who gifted Hat-Trick hits with Surya. Let us skip into the review of the movie.

In side the Singham :

           Narasimha (Surya) is given a special duty by the Home Minister regarding Drug dealing Mafia which is being carried out in under ground process in Vizag and Kakinada Port areas. Now this angry young man leads his mission towards the elimination of baddies dealing with it. 
           Narasimha joins as NCC teacher in a college where his student Satya (Hansika) falls in love with him. The two competitiors in drug dealers who appears as big heads in public deals with a International Drug Dealer Danny (Danny). How this police officer washed away these baddies should be seen on silver screen.

How is this Singham ?

          Analyzing this movie, a great massive hard work of the director can be seen on the celluloid. It is not such an easy task for a director cooking up the routine flick carrying the emotions of a familiar police who successfully  roared on screen once. Hari made a fantastic work in bringing the freshness among the audience.
         Production values are at high standards. Music by DSP made the audience to enjoy the movie through out which helped in carrying out the emotions of this action entertainer. Editing needs the special mention and Cinematography is awesome. Dialogues by Shashank Vennelakanti were simply superb.

Actor's Progress Report :
  • Surya as NaraSimha had stolen the show. He stood as the back bone for the flick. His aggressive gestures and emotions were exhibited well on screen. 
  • Anushka and Hansika were good up to their parts. They justified their roles. But these over weight beauties dominated other actors  with their mighty occupancy on the screen.
  • Comedians Vivek and Santhaanam fetched few laughs from audience. 
  • Baddies Danny, Rahman, Mukhesh Rushi did a perfect job in justifying their roles.
Conclusion :

         With the lack of competition from straight movies, Surya roared again at Box-office with his sequel. The movie is completely a worth watching for front benchers which lacks loop holes. Go and enjoy it for this weekend.

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