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Sahasam Movie Review

Sahasam off the screen  :

                             Gopichand who once delivered back to back hits with small directors with new flavored mass entertainers, is now in the hunger of Hit from few years. After average flicks like Shankam and Golimaar, this actor tasted a disaster with Krishna Vamsi's Mogudu. So he joined hands with innovative director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti to prove their successful combo after Okkadunnadu. Tapsee is the heroine in this adventurous flick. Let us skip into the review and see whether its Producer's Sahasam in making it or Audience Sahasam in watching it.

Saahasam On the screen :

                            Sahasam was like a Flight that took off but refused to stay in the air. The whole movie just managed to hover long enough to get back safely to the ground. The story begins with an archaeologist planting the lure of treasure in the mind of the audience and the Antagonist Sultan (Shakti Kapoor). Dr Alam Siddiqui is in search of long lost riches of the Kushan Empire. Sultan dreams of owning the entire treasure all by himself.

                             We then move along to Hyderabad where we find Gautam (Gopichand). Gautam is a dreamer who wants to get wealthy very quickly. However, he is just an innocent man and not a crook by nature. Gautam meets Srinidhi (Tapsee), a devout girl who plans a pilgrim expedition into Pakistan to visit a long forgotten Hindu Temple. Gautam for reasons known only to him accompanies her on this trip.

                             By a stroke of destiny, they are pulled into the treasure hunt. A game of cat and mouse ensues between Sultan and Gautam.

  Why did Gautam go to Pakistan? 
 What is so special about the Hindu Temple in Pakistan? 
 Why is Sultan after Gautam? 
 Watch the movie to answer all the above questions.

Positives :

 • Technically, Sahasam scores a very high rating. Cinematography, Re-recording, action and visual effects are praiseworthy.
 • The story deserves some praise along with the directors daring to explore a concept that not many dared to touch.
 • Shakti Kapoor really merits some praise for his performance as Sultan.
 • The hunt appears to be a well designed puzzle. 
 • Gopichand’s character was very well designed. Gopichand holds some favor with the mass audiences; Gautam is a character they would surely enjoy.
 • The director managed not to overplay the Romance between the lead actors. Even a little bit more romance would have really hampered the flow of the movie. 

 Negatives :

 • Sketchy screenplay at some places. Some scenes manage to create suspense but simply refuse to take-off. 
 • Technical brilliance apart, the movie seemed to lack some crucial element that could have made it really magnificent. 
 • The first half seemed to drag on unnecessarily but this was compensated by the pacy second half. Some songs went against the pace of the movie. 
 • Some scenes appear to be sketchy and fully devoid of logic. Cinematic liberty cannot be an excuse for illogical presentation in adventure thrillers. 
 • Ali was sadly under-utilized. 

 Analysis :

Overall, the script lacked some entertainment. Commercial audiences might not get all they want from this movie, but nevertheless, this is a great adventure flick worth watching. Audiences fed up with routine commercial stories can gladly enjoy this great movie experience.

Verdict : A n adventerous treat. Catch it soon.

 Rating : 3.5/5

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