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Om 3D Movie Review.

Om 3D Movie Review

Title: Om (3D)
Type: Straight
Genre: Action Entertainer
Cast: Kalyan Ram, Krithi Karbhandha, Nikeesha Patel
Verdict: Nothing too worthy to watch
Punch Line: A wasted hard work.
Rating: 2/5

Om-3D off the screen:

Nandamuri Kalyanram who is making qualitative pictures from the time of starting of his production house, came up with a new experimental venture with the first 3D action movie in India. Pairing up with the flop heroines like Nikeesha Patel and Krithi karbhandha, this actor is trying to grab one more hit for his career from his own production house. The movie is going to hit screens on 19th of this month. Stay tuned to for the exclusive review of Om 3D.

Om-3D on the screen :

Bhairreddy (Rao Ramesh) and Harsha Vardhan (Karthik) are the warring leaders who opposes each other in their every task. Consequences turns too worst for Bhairreddy when Harsha Vardhan exposes his evil acts publicly, the problem looks like ended up when Bhairreddy resigns his ministry position. Bhavani (Mirchi fame Sampath Raj) releases from jail and starts planning for eliminating Harshavardhan. How did Harsha Vardhan got saved by his son Arjun (Kalyan Ram) is the rest of the story.

How is the movie ?

Analyzing the movie it finally derived as the below average flick with routine revenge drama. The story starts with the well note with gripping screen-play and later loosen it. The director tried to make the audience sit in their seats with his complete efforts but failed due to the lack of experience.

                Songs are well picturized and their placement is cool too. Music is good and editing is not up to the mark. Over all if you love to watch routine movies with 3D glasses then this would be better choice for you.

Cast and Crew Progress Report:
  • Kalyan Ram took the whole responsibility of carrying the movie both as the producer and actor too. He tried to give his best and succeeded half of his efforts. He need more improvement in his dialogue delivery
  •  Nikisha Patel is good. She would have gained more marks if her dubbing is made with some other voice.
  • Krithi karbhandha doesn't got the scope of acting in this flick. In fact she almost got wasted.
  • Rest of the characters in this movie justified their roles  up to their parts.
Box-Office Verdict :

Om-3D got some competition from Allari Naresh's Kevvu Keka. As both of the movies turned out to be a duds at Box-Office, the movie may grab audience with no other option. But this entertainer may suffer from empty seats as there was a huge release of big ticket movies next week.

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