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Kajal Agarwal in Love .. !

Wedding bells for Kajal?

Is Kajal in love? Kajal Agarwal is probably the most familiar name in Andhra today. Until recently she dominated so much screen space that it was hard to go to a movie without finding her in it. Frankly, a section of the audiences would go to the movies just because of her scintillating presence. A heroine of amazing charisma she manages to give extraordinary amounts of glamour content in every film. But this bubbly beauty has been absent from TFI for a while, presumably to pursue projects in other languages. Other heroines have been known to shift to other industries to satisfy their artistic cravings every now and then. But not Kajal.

Sources report that Kajal has persistently refused to sign any new projects. This self imposed rest has fans left longing to see her on the big screen again. Kajal’s main intention behind this rest is quite personal actually. Kajal is reportedly in love. Twitter birds in the industry are buzzing with the news that the beautiful ‘Mitravinda’ has fallen in love with a businessman. No it’s not Puri Jagannadh Businessman, but an actual one. Kajal’s mystery man is supposedly a Telugu film financier. The lovely Kajal purportedly took time off from her career to get married to this mystery man.

Wedding bells seem in the offing for Kajal. We are yet to get any official confirmation from Kajal herself. We can only wait and watch whether she comes out with the truth or gives another filmy style ‘No Comments’.

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