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Siddharth s/o Over action - Special focus

    Buzz is that Siddharth is unfriendly to the media , it seems that he wants to wipe away this negative mark on him so he arranged a press meet to the Chennai media . In the press meet siddharth reveals his marriage plans and at the same time made some controversial statements on telugu cinema audience .One of the media person asked siddharth that , why 'something something' is not succeeded at Tollywood box office as it scored a hit at Kollywood box office .. ?

    In response to that he showed his regional feeling as a tamilian , he said that 'telugu audience won't encourage variety films they just need regular commercial formula love stories . Even they don't value national award winners , they support big directors and star hero's only .' and he added some more statements .

    So it is clear that siddharth himself accepted that he is not a star hero , if he was a good actor over a decade then why you didn't achieved stardom .. ? , so siddu better to show yourself as a good actor . If the student is not following the subject its definitely mistake of teacher , like wise if audience are not satisfied with the film its the responsibility of the movie unit to make them satisfy rather than siddharth frustrated himself and insulted Telugu cinema audience in front of Tamil media .

    From the past 10 years telugu audience encouraged siddharth , but he doesn't had gratitude towards us . If siddharth wants to continue in tollywood then it would be better to control his oral itch, while he has to enrich his skills to reach tollywood audience instead of pointing out the audience for the movie failure .

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