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Baahubali all set to go on the floors, Finally!

     TFI always had a penchant for making grand lore based movies. There was something about a swashbuckling sword-toting prince that drew the audiences to the theatres. The Telugu audience has always loved their taste of folklore perhaps best portrayed by NTR, Katthi Kantha Rao and Vittalacharya’s fantasy-infused flicks. The folklore fantasy element has been surprisingly absent for a while in Telugu films recently. Perhaps all it needed was someone with an extraordinary amount of commitment for such a grand project to materialize.

     SS Rajamouli, the golden director of the Telugu Film Industry, is smack dab in the middle of a green patch. Known for bringing the grandeur to simple subjects and exemplary hard work, anything Rajamouli puts his mind to materialize into a magical painting on the big canvas. Rajamouli’s dream project ‘Bahubali’ is all set to go on the floors from the 6th of next month. Regular shooting will commence from this date onwards. The pre-production work is progressing at full speed in preparation for this successful director’s latest opus. It's not just SS but also ‘Darling’ Prabhas who is showing great levels of commitment for this movie. The sword-fighting and horse-riding training apart, Prabhas has given a major chunk of his call sheets to this project. His preparation for the project is unparalleled.

     This film has generated a tremendous hype even before the start of regular schedules. Social media along with the TV and print media had been buzzing with news on this project. This scale of expectations has led to some unwanted rumors about the project. Rajamouli has taken to twitter to try and dispel some of the rumors. Known to mind his work very silently, Rajamouli had been drawn out by unfounded rumors suggesting that a 3-day shoot sequence is planned at a budget of Rs 10 crore or that IMAX cameras would be utilized for the shoot. Rajamouli has been regularly tweeting the progress of the project.

     Some facts about are quite well publicized. High quality digital cameras (named RE Alexa XT) will be used to shoot this film. The pre-production schedule is complete and the muhurtham is set to take place on 6th of next month. Incidentally, this is also the release date of ‘Eega’, another one of Rajamouli’s great successes. We at Strikingsoon team hope that ‘Baahubali’ is an even greater hit than ‘Eega’. The film is going to be shot simultaneously in both Telugu and Tamil with plans of releasing in Hindi, Malayalam and other foreign languages.

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