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Prabhas- The Daring and Dashing. || Special Focus

Tollywood is updating with new technologies and new generation of heroes day by day. From the time of  late NTR to Chiranjeevi all the heroes tried dual roles as father and sons. In fact NTR appeared in triple roles with son, father and grand father too. SuperStar Krishna stood as a brand for such roles. Coming to the present generation heroes none of them tried such attempt as father role in old look.
                             Though Jr. NTR tried it twice he failed for his each attempt which came with high expectations. But, he didn't appeared in old look for which the father role was confined to flashback. Even Maheshbabu tasted failure for this attempt in which he appeared as old father look in Nani for 30 seconds.

Now, its time for Young Rebelstar Prabhas to try this feat. Prabhas is going to play dual role in Baahubali. He is appearing in father and son roles for the magnum opus. His latest macho look with long beard and tuft is for father role. We can see him in such look for few more months. By the time the shooting starts for son role he will soon come up with glamorous look with  six-pack for the movie. No doubt, it is a bold and gold attempt by our hero for such great flick of TFI which implies his daring and dashing nature.

                   So, Prabhas is going to be Rana's brother and father with same flick.The whole story revolves round the brothers who fights for kingdom and for woman who won their hearts with her beauty. As it was said earlier Prabhas is the top hero who is taking the whooping remuneration of 20 Crores for spending valuable 2 years span of his time for Baahubali. Hope our mass hero is going adore the top chair soon with his back to back blockbusters.

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