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Mahesbabu producers in Shivering mode.

From more than one year Tollywood audience were habituated of listening to news of Mahesh-Sukumar movie but not even a single still was out regarding the movie. Latest news is that the major part of 60% of the  movie is still needed to be shoot for the movie. This would wonder all of us what Sukumar is doing this one year by completing just 40% of the movie.
              As per the inner sources he turned out as the hard nut to bite for the producers who was changing the scenes every time and ordering the re-shoot of the scenes with the name of improvement in them. Seems to be the director was changing the scenes and dialogues during the leisure times and re-shooting the scenes of the movie. The producers of movie were shivering about the final budget of the movie and were in a dilemma whether they could bare such huge expense over the movie. 
                Mean while this director shocked the producers with the confirmation of next project of his movie. If a director scores blockbuster with a star like Mahesh, he would definitely raise his levels and go for another star hero for his next project. But, Sukumar announced his next project with Nitin which is raising new doubts on Mahesh's project. All these doubts and claims were to be answered only on silver screen with the result of the movie. Let us see what it is going to be.

The first look of this untitled project is going to be unveiled on 31st of this month on the occasion of Superstar Krishna's birthday. Earlier the first look of Dookudu and SVSC were released on this same day. 

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