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Iddarammayilatho Movie Review.

Plot  :
              From the beginning of this year 2013 there was a wide sentiment being followed as the hit formula of the tollywood. There 6 super hit movies registered till date for which 5 movies were the hit pairs repeated  the magic for second time. SVSC (Mahesh-Samantha), Nayak (Cherry-Kajal), Mirchi (Prabhas-Anushka), GJG (Nitin-Nitya Menon), Baadshah (NTR-Kajal). Except Swamy Rara are these movies were hit combos. Now, this is the time for the effective combination of Director and Hero for the second time to create wonder .

             After blockbuster 'Desamudhuru',  Bunny and Puri joined their hands cooking up the old story with addition of effective species and came up with Iddarammayilatho. Allu Arjun romanced with two hot beauties for the first time in his career. Let us skip to the review of the movie.
Akaanksha (Cathrene Tresa) is the daughter of Centeral Minister(Rao Ramesh). She moves to Spain for furthur studies and where she finds a diary in her room. She comes to know that the diary belongs to her previous tenant Komali (Amala Paul) who leaves the room and goes unidentified. With a great enthusiasm Aakanksha starts reading the diary  and comes to the know the love story of Komali with Sanju Reddy (Allu Arjun).
             Suddenly their love story abrupt  due to some accidental scenes happened in the life of Komali. What happened next is the rest of the story.
Analysis :
 Iddarammayilatho is the old pickle in new jar. Its a mixture of innumerable number of stories which made the movie a big dud. The story is a upgraded version of Purijagannath's earlier flick Shivamani. As it was common in these days for a commercial movies to have similar sequences to another stories its better to keep away the sources of the story.
  • Screenplay is one of the major highlight of the movie. Puri once again  showed that he is not only a fast maker but also a good screen-play writer which runs and entertains us with its plot. But his madness towards foreign locations and foreign girls is revealed again with this movie. Dialogues were not up to the mark.
  • Background music by Devi Sri Prasad is the back bone for this flick. Songs picturization is simply superb.
  • Action sequences were excellent. Fights by Kecha are awesome. Interval Bang needs special mention. It is the major asset for the flick.
Performances :
  • Bunny defined the word One Man Show with this flick. With a new style of characterization and ultra stylish looks he carried the whole movie with a supernatural ease on his shoulders. His dances, expressions, fights what not he excelled in every move he made.
  • Amala Paul is cute and sweet as innocent Brahmin girl. Earlier we had same characterization of heroines in Amma Nanna Tamil Ammayi and Deshamudhuru.
  • Cathrene Tresa is damn sexy and confined to songs and skin show. Seems the director loved to expose her navel through out the movie with the name of aggressive characterization.
  • Brahmanandham and Ali got wasted. Their scenes just irritated the audience.
Conclusion :
Iddaramayilatho is a routine mass flick with lack of new elements. It would be a good choice for action and music lovers. Moreover its a great treat to Mega fans.
Box-Office Verdict :
With the lack of competition from big ticket movies, the movie may get few collections for 2 weeks. The movie may affect from long run at box-office.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict : Kotthadhanam ledhu... Story ledhu..
  • Editor's Cut: As per my view, I enjoyed the movie but there is nothing new in the movie which is not appreciable. Its completely the director's fault who ruined the movie with wafer thin story line.
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