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Greeku Veerudu Movie Review.

Greeku Veerudu Movie Review & Rating
Plot :

         Apart of achieving commercial success, the real formula for making good movies is family drama. Tollywood is enriched with bulk of family movies which scored success and saved many producers from loss. Being the one among top 4 heroes of Tollywood KING Nagarjuna is back with his sensitive family drama subject with his hit combo Dasaradh. Let us skip into the review of Greeku Veerudu and see how this hit combo magic worked out.

Story :

        Chandhu (Nagarjuna) is cool going man who ignores the value of relationships and love. Spending his life as an event manager as NRI he just love money than anything ever. On the way to meet his grand parents in India, he meets Sandhya (Nayanatara)  who is quite opposite in nature. Things go odd at his home which makes Chandhu to undergo a fake marriage with Sandhya. What happened next? What are the consequences that made them to do that? Find the answers to these questions on silver screen. 

Analysis :
  • Analyzing the movie from the title itself, the movie story and plot failed to justify the title.  The director failed in all aspects in portraying such sensitive story on silver screen. Lagging screen-play and boredom scenes spoiled the plot.
  • After watching the movie we will come to a conclusion that the director started the movie with a passion and completed it with a pain. A sort of negligence can be seen in some scenes. Better the director should change his way to keep away his failure again.
  • Some scenes at Vishwanath's house are good. They will definitely connect to family audience and impress them. 
  • Thaman music is good and songs picturization were excellent. As Nagarjuna is well known for his romantic appeal he rocked with his trim and slim look. Cinematography failed in some aspects which brought a B-Grade look to the movie in some scenes.
Performances :
  • The only sigh of happiness is Nagarjuna for this movie. Hats off to his physical fitness and stylish looks. No doubt he should be appreciated for such maintenance in attracting youth. But, his acting skills are not upto the mark which failed in taking us to feel like Santosham and Manmadhudu. No, doubt its director's failure in utilizing him.
  • Nayanatara is cute and pleasant with her action. She did a decent job with quite respective role.
  • Brahmanandham comedy is hilarious in some scenes and worst in few even. M.S.Narayana and Kovai Sarala are good. Rest of the actors are okay.
+ Plus Points :
  1. Nagarjuna and Nayanatara
  2. Few comedy Scenes.
- Negative Points :
  1. Slow screenplay
  2. Predictable story
  3. Poor Direction
Box-Office Verdict :

                   With a disaster movies like Gouravam and Shadow, Greekuveerudu is much better and can drag more audience to theaters this weekend. Due to lack of competition, King Nagarjuna can stand firm at box-office this week. As it is a summer vacation the movie may collect few figures and cover the loss of producer.

Punch Line :  Good concept's bad execution.

Rating : 2.5/5

Cast : Nagarjuna , Nayanathara
Director : Dasaradh
Music : Thaman S.S.
Release Date : 3/5/13
Banner : Kamakshi Movies
Producer : D.Siva Prasad Reddy

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