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Shadow Movie Review

Shadow Movie Review

Plot :

         Carrying the tag line as flop director, Meher Ramesh now changed his mind in penning the scripts and concentrated on direction. Star writer duo Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan had given a script with the title 'Shadow' with a bunch of hopes on him. Casting Venkatesh and Tapsee as the lead roles with Srikanth as second hero, the director made a high budget movie. With very low expectations the movie finally came on screens today. Let us take a glance over the review of Shadow.

Story :

              Nana Bhai (Aditya Pancholi) is mafia don who involves in all kind of illegal activities. Undercover Investigative Journo  Raghu Ram(Naga Babu) tries to trace out all his naming his mission as Shadow. Nana Bhai who finds the truth behind him kills Raghu Ram in the presence of his son. Raja Ram (Venkatesh) the son of Raghu Ram turns into shadow and take a owe of eliminating every one who was related to his father's death.

Analysis :

                    Well, Meher Ramesh succeed again in wasting the producer's money. As it was well known that he use lavish locations and heavy richness in the scenes irrespective of the story, the movie failed in all aspects. Not even a single scene from the movie is appreciable. Worst narration and bad screenplay spoiled the plot.

                    The rhyming dialogues and punches in the movie are senseless. Apart from the humor, the dialogues were poor and bad. Back Ground Music is loud. Songs replacement picturization is  good but the placement is bad.

  • Being the star hero with mighty following of audience, Venkatesh failed to save this sinking ship. His looked cool in some scenes. Trusting the director mechanically and trying the new look is the minus for him in this flick. His new look is not too impressive.
  • Tapsee is sexy but confined to songs. Her character is not well etched. Her dances are quite impressive.
  • Srikanth is routine, Nagababu is breif. Comedians brought few laughs up to their presence. 

                Finally, Meher Ramesh added one more disaster into his account and spoiled the success track of Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan. As the movie is getting negative reviews from the first show itself, it will suffer with empty theaters soon. Better skip this movie and try for Iron Man-3 if u really want to enjoy this weekend with your friends.

Verdict: Wait for TV Telecast.

Rating : 2/5

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